[NAFEX] Curculio / Surround adhesion question

Jason MacArthur rotread at localnet.com
Mon Jun 4 16:00:11 EDT 2007

I have been very frustrated in my attempts to use Surround to control  
Curculio here in southern Vermont.  I sprayed Surround 4 times in the  
6 days prior to this weekend, when I had to leave the orchard for a  
few days.(Why someone would schedule a wedding right at petal fall  
confuses the heck out of me!)    There was some rain during this  
time, but not excessive amounts.  The trees were a brilliant white  
with a thick layer of clay built up on leaves and fruit.  There are  
unsprayed trees in abundance around the orchard.
	Upon my return I found widespread curc damage, and even found  
several of the little buggers curled up playing dead.  Since I still  
have apple trees in bloom I am reluctant to reach for anything which  
will harm bees, although I have come to a state of moral comfort with  
a single chemical insecticide spray a year. I guess I have no choice  
but to sit on my hands for a few more days.  Maybe I should plant a  
plum tree nearby and leave them that as an offering :).

Jason MacArthur

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