[NAFEX] Curculio / Surround adhesion question

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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Though curculio is not a problem out here, I still try to keep an eye on
control methods.  The reports of good control are isolated.  Some growers
like Surround plus Neem; some use trap trees; some burn the underlying
plants.  I think it's most likely that a combination of methods would work
best.  I'm hoping for more effective pheromone traps, which would not just
monitor the presence of the wee beasts but trap them out or interfere with
mating.  IPM (integrated pest management with limited pesticide use) is an
understandable choice vs. organic when dealing with curculio.  Our coop
carries only organic produce, but I think we lose business by not having
local IPM crops available hen there's no organic alternative.  Then again,
being strict does create a demand for more all-organic crops.  But we're
spoiled.  Right now we don't have pests that can't be controlled


~ Stephen



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I sprayed Surround on my apples for about five years, beginning right after
petal fall and then every week or two or whenever it rained about an inch. I
got good coverage using a gasoline powered Stihl backpack sprayer. In those
five years, I harvested almost no apples and would often see curculio scars
on the fruits the day after I sprayed!


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