[NAFEX] peach leaf curl/resistance

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Most of my peaches are seedling Siberian C peaches from Bear Creek.   
Some trees have no leaf curl & one or two have it pretty severe.  Is  
it possible that resistence varies from tree to tree or is it a  
matter of time before they all get hit bad?   Would cutting out the  
heavily hit trees be a good idea?  My one observation seems to be  
that the trees that are more in the open, more sunlight & airflow,  
are looking much better.


On Jun 4, 2007, at 2:08 PM, Stephen Sadler wrote:

> There are no completely resistant varieties; all peaches are  
> susceptible.
> Frost and Redhaven cultivars are less susceptible.  Choosing a  
> resistant
> variety is very helpful, but is not a guarantee.
> When looking for resistance, look for resistance to your most  
> troublesome
> diseases.  Sometimes there's a trade-off; varieties don't  
> necessarily have
> multiple resistance.
> ~ Stephen
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>> The first line of defense is a resistant variety.
> My only experience with a curl resistant variety has been with the
> Frost peach, which, it is claimed, will become more resistant as the
> tree gets older.  Mine is in its second bearing year but still  
> exhibits
> curl.  I sprayed with copper (specifically COCS) earlier this spring
> but apparently not early enough.  Widely available, this is just one
> source:
>> http://trees.safeshopper.com/7/56.htm?443
> Raintree offers it, too.
> Richard
> Gouldsboro, ME Zone 5

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