[NAFEX] peach leaf curl/resistance

Jim Cooper JCooper at lewiston.k12.id.us
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We started growing peaches about 10 years ago. We knew nothing and when we asked others often were given so so advise. The label says that lime sulfur works to control peach leaf curl. But it does not say to Stop it.

After a few years of ongoing problems I asked again and again to different places and found an older person who said use "Tri Copper sulfate". It comes in a two part package, powder copper and a sticker M to use also. This is necessary to finally get it past control and stopped, nearly. We still have a branch or two that will have problems but not the whole tree, I probably missed it. Now that they are leafed out it is too late for this year. This is a dormant spray, and do this 2-3 times each winter. I spray soon after leaf fall, again the first of the year, and then again when buds are swelling.

Another nursery man said to use something with Zinc in it because someone he knows who has little or no problem with curl uses it. It is not on the label for peach leaf curl! He suggested to use it for the last spray.

Yes there are several resistant varieties maybe at http://www.raintreenursery.com/how_to/PEAC.html

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zone 6-7
>>> "Stephen Sadler" <Docshiva at Docshiva.org> 6/4/2007 12:06 AM >>>
The first line of defense is a resistant variety.  Lime sulfur dormant oil
sprays should become part of your peach program.  You can also mix lime
sulfur mixes with water and spray now.  They are very effective. The sprays
don't keep, so don't buy more than you'll use in a season.  

I feel that very healthy soil helps, and subterranean clovers can keep the
orchard soil fertile.  But even with the best of soil, you'll probably need
to spray.

~ Stephen

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Peach leaf curl is starting to show up on my peaches.  Does anyone  
know the organic options for treatment?


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