[NAFEX] Curculio / Surround adhesion question

Mark Dorogi mddorogi at comcast.net
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I used Surround for a few years on apples, also using a Solo backpack

As I recall, the Surround label recommends not using an extra sticker, since
it already has it.  

The main thing is that you really have to spray at least two and perhaps
three, times for your initial coverage.  And I found it helpful to have a
pretty fine spray setting, and keep the pressure high.  If it rains, you've
got to renew the coverage.  

The Surround did seem to work well for curc on my apples, at least the one
year where I was really energetic with spraying.  I found it tough to keep
up with all the spraying.

So now I'm bagging the apples, since I only have 10 trees.  Perhaps that
would work with plums too. 

Thanks for the advice on the raccoons!


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Last year the curculios were so effective I go zero plums off of 7 trees ( 5
that had had  their first fruit set. So I bought a 25# bag of Surround,
directions, using my solo back pack sprayer. After two sprayings the leaves
are quite
white but only a third of the 1/4" to 1/2" plums are even covered - and I of
targted them specifically both times. So I tried various concentrations in a
little  hand
spray bottle, spraying directly on the plums - I can watch it bead off.
Obviously the
'berries' have a waxy coating that resists a water based substance. 
All I can think of is to add a surfactant like dish soap, but worry about
burning the
leaves. Anyone found a solution to make Surround actually work?
(BTW, it went flawlessly through my back pack sprayer, I had read of someone
about clogging - my guess is  that they did not use the coarse filter under
the cap of
their sprayer.)

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