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I have no *experience* but this is what I have read of:

There is a leaf curl resistant cultivar in moist mild coastal British
called "Renton." In the 1980's it was sold by the David Hunter Garden
Centres around Vancouver. They did not ship.

Brooks and Olmo (Register of Fruit and Nut Vaireties 3rd edition, 1997)
lists it as follows:

Renton -

Originated in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada by Jack Renton. Introduced in 1940.
Parentage unknown; discovered in 1926. Fruit: flesh yellow,
semi-freestone; resembles Howard Fisher. Tree: more resistant to leaf curl
than are other varieties.

Brooks and Olmo describes Howard Fisher as follows:

Howard Fisher (Fisher) -

Originated in Queenston, Ontario, Canada [Niagara Peninsula, zone 7a]
by C. Howard Fisher. Introduced in 1936. Plant patent 1937. Valiant
mutation; discovered in 1934. Fruit: large, oblate, akin butter-yellow,
brightly blushed, light pubescence [fuzz]; flesh yellow, coarse texture,
melting, slightly soft, flavour good, semi-freestone; ripens 5 weeks
before Elberta; does not drop from tree even when fully ripe; ships well;
resembles Valiant. Tree; vigourous, average productivity; susceptible to
brown rot; blossom medium, nonshowy; leaf glands reniform.

An Ontario government publication on fruit culitvars from 1992 lists
Elberta as the latest ripening of those listed; average date of first
harvest  September 22nd. The same table lists Madison and Cresthaven as
first harvest September 12th, Babygold 7 September 13th, Redskin September
17th, Redhaven August 16th.

Brooks and Olmo state that Valiant originated at the Vineland Station
(Niagara Peninsula, Ontario) as an open-pollinated seedling of Elbert,
probably self-pollinated. It is described as "best of quality." My guess
is that this estimate was made when it was introduced in 1925 by the

Just how resistant Renton is to leaf curl, and whether it enables one to
do without sprays against this disease I do not know. Presumably coastal
BC being notoriously rainy is hospitable to leaf curl and gives peaches a
severe test. My guess would be that Renton is still available in BC
collections and maybe NW US, but maybe not easy to get. Just how hardy it
is I have no idea.

The historic low winter temperature at Vineland Station is minus 16
degrees Fahrenheit. Redhaven has been widely grown in this area and is
thought acceptably cold-hardy.. In the 1980's Loring was rearded as a
litle cold-tender at Vineland but an acceptable risk east of St.
Catharines (historic low minus 14 F.).

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario

Akmanty at localnet.com wrote:

> Any one have experience with peaches and peach leaf curl?
> Varieties that are more resistant, especially for the north, WI, in
> particular?

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