[NAFEX] Apple Curly Leaf ?

Joe Boles jo.bo at rogers.com
Wed Jul 11 21:20:24 EDT 2007

Have a look at these sites with pictures showing how powdery mildew curls up leaves.

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  There are several pests that cause apple tree leaves to curl.  RAA (Rosy 
  Apple Aphid), PLH (Potato Leaf Hopper), and GAA (Green Apple Aphid) Looks 
  like your is RAA (rosy apple aphid).  Here's some info on RAA and the link 
  to the MSU web page that has more in-depth info 
  http://web1.msue.msu.edu/vanburen/fraa.htm .
  Rosy apple aphid feeding often causes apple leaves to curl, starting at 
  petal fall. These leaves may later turn bright red. Feeding on the leaves 
  around fruit clusters often results in the bunching, stunting and 
  malformation of the developing fruit. These abnormalities become worse as 
  fruit develops and can eventually render the fruit unsalable.

  Large aphid populations may produce large amounts of honeydew as waste from 
  the sap on which they feed. Honeydew excreted onto fruit will serve as a 
  growing ground for sooty mold fungus, which will affect the finish of the 
  apple. Toxins in the aphids' saliva also serve as a "stop drop," preventing 
  the fruits' abscission (natural separation from the tree) at normal harvest.

  Hope this helps!

  Dennis Norton
  Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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  > I notice this most years on some apples, but it seems much more pronounced 
  > this year,
  > however this year 3/4 of my couple hundred apple trees (many varieties) 
  > have it. I do not
  > see significant insect populations on affected stems, and the new leaves 
  > have eventually
  > come out unaffected in previous years. In looking on various apple disease 
  > websites I
  > have seen nothing like it, so I am asking for ideas of disease, insect, 
  > virus,
  > deficiency, etc. ....names or ideas for me to look farther into.
  > It seems Nafex photo page site still cannot upload images, so  I have 
  > started one of
  > those free photo sites for my fruit related pics, hope it works...
  > http://www.flickr.com/photos/48198726@N00/776767030/in/set-72157600761592815/
  > thanks, Del Stubbs,  northern Minnesota
  > Del Stubbs  http://www.pinewoodforge.com   zone 3   N. MN
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