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I'd like to see MPG.98 converted to DVD format.
Charlie Paradise
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> Jerry,
> My DVD player plays "DVD, CD, Kodak Picture CD, CD-R and CD-RW; and there's 
> various formats but it doesn't say anything about MPG.   I don't understand 
> MPG, I'm guessing it would bbe bbest converted over to DVD format if you are 
> willing to do it.  Or, I still have a video player, if you make videos.  I'll 
> take my chances if you can try to convert to DVD.  What do you think? 
> Charlie Paradise
> Hi Charlie,
> MPG is the format the cam corder uses and most computers can play.
> Why don't I convert one MPG to DVD and send it? If it works I can convert 
> all if you wish. If the one doesn't play on your DVD the postage is only 87 
> cents for one, don't worry about it. Which MPG do you wish?
> Jerry
> MPG 95   Exploring the Caucasus Mountains for Wild Fruits and Nuts, Joseph
>                        Postman
> MPG.95            Pawpaw, Currant and Gooseberry, Kirk Pomper
> MPG.95           Apricots, A Wider Geographical Possibility, Bob Purvis 
> MPG.96            Primocane Fruiting Blackberries: Origin and Potential, 
> John Clark
> MPG.96            Novel Fruits for the Backyard & Retail Growers, Charlotte 
> Shelton
> MPG.96           Unusual Fruits for Backyard Orchards, Heirloom and New,  
> Richard Moyer
> MPG.97           Breeding Pears for Psylla and Fire Blight Resistance, 
> Richard Bell
> MPG.97           Fall Bearing Black Raspberry Breeding Progress, Pete 
> Tallman
> MPG.97           Fruit Breeding for the Amateur, Felix Cooper
> MPG.98           New Novel (Wild) Apples from Tien Shan, Central Asia, Diane 
> Miller
> MPG.98          Propagating the Tough Stuff (Nuts, Pawpaws, and Persimmon), 
> John
>                            Brittain
> MPG.98          Sure-Fire Techniques for Budding Peach, Ray Armstrong
> MPG.99         Banquet Speaker Pouring Cold Molasses on New Variety 
> Introductions: Which                                     Moves Quicker?  DR. John 
> Clark
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