[NAFEX] root-cuttings propagation uses

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Wed Jan 24 21:47:05 EST 2007

Tanis,  Oh, if that is your reason for this, I'd suggest that you try some 
root cuttings on their own, all the very small roots you can get, and then 
make some root grafts from the top of the tree. Several reasons for doing 
this:  In case the roots alone fail, you will have an exact copy of the 
original tree so you can do "stooling" to get more, and most important 
perhaps is so you don't add any viruses the tree doesn't already have.  If 
the tree is truly a seedling, you will have the chance to propagate it and 
study it without complicating the situation with another scion yet.
    As for root cuttings, again harking to rose propagation, I think it's 
Corn Hill nursery in Canada that is using little tiny root cuttings to 
produce own root roses.  They lay them on peat moss in styrofoam cups and 
put them in a mister.  You might want to contact them if you'd like to know 
anything about hormones or temperature.      Donna 

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