[NAFEX] What's (problematically) compatible with pear?

rob hamilton lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 11:10:51 EST 2007

Yes, I guess you are right. It would be nice to have a page to give people at least a dirrection to explore, but there would be so many disclamers and medigating circustances, it may take a full book to expliane everything. I guess that is why there is nothing like this already.  :-/


Lucky Pittman <lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu> wrote: At 08:40 AM 1/15/2007, Rob Hamilton wrote:
>I wonder if it would be a good thing to have a graft
>compatability chart on our website for various fruits.
>It seems like this could easily be constructed with
>the help of our fruit consultants.
>This chart would naturally include any compatiblility
>issues such as long term over/under growth or long
>term incompatibility.

It's an idea, and perhaps one that merits undertaking, but I foresee 
some pitfalls along the way -
1.) "Mileage may vary" from one area of the country/world to another; 
for example, some of the OHxF clonal rootstocks that may work well in 
the PNW are worthless for growers in TX and the Deep South.
2.) What effect might latent viruses/mycoplasma, etc. - in either the 
scion or rootstock - have on intergeneric  graft 
compatibilities?  And how might we determine whether a particular 
scion or rootstock plant is infected?
3.) Some of this information is purely anecdotal, with no hard 
science behind it; it may be true, but not proven.   Case in point - 
there's a hickory cultivar, "Cody Cox", which all my KY contacts 
swear is not compatible with pecan, and will only graft onto true 
hickories - but Gerald Gardner in MO, says it works just fine for him 
on pecan.


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