[NAFEX] Sorbus species

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Sun Jan 14 21:21:00 EST 2007

Wikipedia has some moderately interesting articles:
the latter about Sorbus domestica which is distinct from Sorbus aucuparia

There are three species listed for North America:
American mountain-ash
    Sorbus americana

Showy mountain-ash
    Sorbus decora

Sitka mountain-ash
    Sorbus sitchensis

The first two are Eastern.

According to Farrar's "Trees in Canada"
S. americana 
is a shrub or small tree to 10 metres.
There is an isolated population in Pennsylvania, otherwise southern New 
York to southern Labrador, Newfoundland west to around Rainy River (and NE 

S. decora
is a small tree to 15 metres.
There are isolated populations in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, 
otherwise from Georgian Bay to the east end of Lake Ontario, north
almost to Ungava Bay, Newfoundland west to south central Manitoba.

S. sitchensis
is a shrub or shrubby tree to 6 metres
found in B.C. and western Alberta; nothing is said
about the U.S.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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