[NAFEX] Edible sunscreen recommendations

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 18:15:13 EST 2007

The west wall of our bedroom is over stucco/cinderblock and we could feel
the summer heat in that room compared to other rooms.  Following the lead of
growers in nearby Shady Valley, we put in grapevines, built a bamboo trellis
about 8" out from the wall, and now have shade on the wall in the heat of
the day.  In late fall we then prune the excess grapevines away to the canes
we want for next year, and get sun on the wall in the winter.
In Shady Valley and other locations, have seen grapevines 30 ft up the sides
of barns and also under the eaves of barns and houses, all 4 sides of the
structures from 1-2 vines.  Folks in these wet/foggy locations get quality
fruit under the eaves that stays dry all season.

So there may be some grapes or muscadines you can put in the ground, train
up the 15 ft then on a trellis, to do the trick.  Could do the half whiskey
barrels in the interim, but unless you do some type of irrigation, will keep
you busy watering them in your heat.

Richard Moyer
East TN
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