[NAFEX] New Experience: Frost!

Spidra Webster spidra at speakeasy.net
Sat Jan 13 15:27:07 EST 2007

I was wondering if the folks from areas that regularly have to worry 
about protecting their fruit trees/plants could help me with some 
advice.  We've been experiencing unseasonably cold weather here.  I've 
already got frost damage to some of my citrus and other plants in the 
yard because by the time the weather forecast came in a couple weeks 
ago, it was too late to go to any nursery and get cloths or whatever it 
is I'm supposed to do.  I'm a native Southern Californian and I've 
never had to deal with preparing for frost damage.

Given that some of my plants have already been damaged, what the best 
approach for further forecasts of frost?  Should I be cutting off the 
old frost burn or leaving it in place?  Should I be using paper, cloth 
or plastic to cover my plants?  What's the best way to prepare?  Please 
excuse the ignorant questions but you wouldn't expect a sheikh to know 
about ice skating, would you?

Spidra Webster
Berkeley, CA

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