[NAFEX] Wine making -best rust-resistant black currants?

Naomi dragon-star at cableone.net
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I do not mean this as a slam.  I have two black currant bushes in my front
flower bed.  They produce a couple of gallons of fruit each.  I make some
wine at home.  I have plums, peaches, apricot, apples , grapes..Usually I
use a gallon jug for  wine making if I want to keep varieties separate.  I
use the 5 gallon if I am doing "Spring blend" or" late summer blend".  I
wind up with a lot more wine than I am inclined to drink.  This past year I
added a vinegar culture to one of the "blends"  just because I had too much
wine.  It made a lovely fruity vinegar.  Fortunately we also like sushi.  


25 feet of Black currants can produce a lot of juice.  Nice jam though.. I
make "blend"  jams a lot also.




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Hello, I'm considering planting a 25' row of black currants this spring to
be used primarily for homemade wine.  I was wondering if anyone had any
advice as to the best rust-resistant varieties to plant?  I have a few white
pines a couple hundred yards away...  Do the rust-resistant cultivars match
the old-time varieties in flavor?

Mark, Western Iowa, 5a

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