[NAFEX] Ribes odoratum (Clove or Buffalo Currant)

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Fri Jan 12 21:10:13 EST 2007

Very interesting, Hal.

> I have quite a number of clove and golden currants that I am testing. For me, 'Crandall' does reasonably well, but gets defoliated by mid to late summer.

Due to the heat, you mean?  Or insects?

> It sets fruit without cross-pollination, but when I saved some pollen from an earlier blooming clove currant of unknown origin, and used it on the 'Crandall' flowers, the fruits were 2-4 times larger.

I planted six 'Crandall' currants last summer, but I also planted one 
seedling clove currant, just in case cross-pollination would help. It 
sounds like that was a good idea. Presumably one seedling currant would 
be enough? They're all in the same area. Hmm,... but it sounds like your 
second clove currant didn't bloom at the same time as the 'Crandall'?

And could you explain how you prune your Ribes odoratum?


Lincoln, NE (zone 5a)

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