[NAFEX] what's compatible with pear?

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Jan 12 10:29:25 EST 2007

At 09:16 AM 1/12/2007, Donna wrote:
>  I have a couple of volunteer pears in places where I wouldn't mind 
> to have them provided they weren't dropping pears in yellow jacket 
> season.  I'd been thinking that I'd have to choose and graft a 
> really really early variety, or a really really late one.  Then it 
> dawned on me that I might graft something else altogether... one of 
> those relatives that normally a person would graft pear onto to 
> dwarf it.  Hawthorn is one, but is aronia closely enough related to 
> work?  Anything else you can think of?    Donna

I had a piece of 'Aromatnaya' quince fostered onto my Clapp's 
Favorite pear (I'd run out of hawthorn seedlings), and it did OK for 
a couple of years - until fireblight finally killed the Clapps back 
to the rootstock.
Don't know how the mayhaws would do on pear.

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