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We have a very old arguta vine, "Ananasnaya", with a 40 ft. spread in a circle.  That gives around 300 lb per year.  But we have trouble in kolomikta because of frost damage to the early spring foliage.  The arguta used to be damaged in the same way, but seems to have slowed down in leafing out, and also has plenty of reserve buds to take over if some get frosted.
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  Jim -

  Thanks for the invitation to clarify - I should be more careful throwing figures around.

  I haven't met anyone else actually growing Actinidia kolomikta in Zone 3, but several catalogs list it as such, and Lee Reich (Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden) mentions that it grows in Siberia. However, he also mentions that mature A. kolomikta can produce 20+ lbs of fruit per vine - which sounds closer to your figures. 

  The 200lb per vine figure is for Actinidia arguta (Hardy kiwi), and is also from Lee Reich's book -- I don't have the page number right now, it's in the 'Harvest' section. Steve Bryer of Tripplebrook Farm ( www.tripplebrookfarm.com) has also told me stories about A. arguta producing 150+ lbs per vine.

  Hope this clears things up! The super-hardy kiwis in my forest garden (I've planted A. kolomikta 'Red Beauty' and 'Pautske', both from Tripplebrook Farm) are too young -- I'm looking forward to ANY yield! 



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        Have you been reading the posts?  I AM in zone 3 and only recently said 
    that I grow Actinidia kolomitka.  I don't know where you got the 200 pounds
    of fruit claim.  My 3 female plants are growing under ideal conditions with
    proper fertilizer, ample water and, together, barely produce 20 lbs. 

    Jim Fruth
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    Actinidia kolomitka, or 'super-hardy kiwi' it is sometimes called, should be 
    hardy to at least Zone 4, some sources say Zone 3. (Ref = Edible Forest
    Gardens vol 2)

    So Bill, it should definitely set fruit and ripen in your area.

    The hardy kiwis are extremely vigorous - plant them where you've got space. 
    A single mature hardy kiwi vine can produce up to 200 lbs of fruit per year!
    And the fruit is uncommonly delicious.


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