[NAFEX] Progagating Hardy Kiwi

Geoffrey Stone gfstone at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 9 13:52:59 EST 2007

The two kiwi I purchased (one male, one female) had roots that we snarled in the container.  The seemed to do ok this 1st year but I thought that I'd try to propagate from cuttings as I've heard stories about plants with snarled roots not lasting beyond a few years.  I bundled the cuttings into two by sex and put one each in a pot surrounded with peat moss.  I put these pots in an old tire packed with leaves and put that on the north side of my shed for the winter.  In the spring I plan to put a few of these cutting in several pots with one or two nodes above the surface after dipping the bottom node in a rooting hormone.  This will be my 1st attempt at this.  Does it make sense?  Any suggestions?  
Geoffrey Stone
Black Mountain, NC
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