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Interesting article on astringency;




Temperature Affects Astringency Removal and Recurrence in Persimmon

RUTH BEN-ARIE <javascript:popRef('a1')> 1 and LILLIAN SONEGO
<javascript:popRef('a1')> 1


Astringency was removed from'Triumph'persimmons by immersion in water at
40°C for 5 hr or 60°C, for 1 hr. Similar treatments at 20° and 80°C, had no
effect on astringency reduction. Subsequent application of 80% CO2 for 48 hr
was effective for 20°C-treated fruit but not for 80° C-treated fruit, which
became nonastringent only after exposure to acetaldehyde. Extending the 60°C
treatment beyond 2 hr resulted in recurrence of astringency, which was not
reduced by subsequent CO2 treatment. Astringency also recurred in
CO2-treated non-astringent fruit, when exposed to high temperatures. The
disappearance and recurrence of astringency correlated with amount of
methanol-soluble tannins.


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