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Hans Brinkmann hans-brinkmann at t-online.de
Sat Jan 6 09:27:01 EST 2007

Hallo Lon,
people who are interested in S. domestica are very rare...
People who have such a nice homepage and experience like you are 
extremely rare!!!
Regards also from Clive Simms from England!

Yes the astringency is lost at a special time by it selves. Anyhow this 
astringency is also necessary and positive for the apple-wine 
production. The fruits are used also more and more in the fine cuisine 
cooking. Even as dessert and ice cream. The tree is very useful for 
landscaping and environmental purposes.
The wood is really nice and very, very high priced because it is very 
much used in music-instrument, expensive furniture and e.g. ruler 
production; because the wood is not shrinking and expanding like other 
wood! I try to send you an interesting photo directly to your e-mail 

The grafting is not secret at all, but I think in many countries this 
Sorbus domestica is not known and people do not have any experience.
The rootstock can be Crataegus monog. or Sorbus domestica! Never try S. 
aucuparia. But if you see my photo, you will understand, why I do never 
recommend Crataegus... (1 m diameter timber-log)!
On S.domestica rootstock I graft usually in winter-days with heat but I 
tried it also once with a 1,5 m high growing rootstock outside in early 
spring with okulation and the new branch was growing additional 1 m the 
same year. I may answer you more detailed  directly. E.g. walnut 
grafting is much less successful.

Only one nursery in Germany is selling two different varieties. I 
collected some more selections. In future we should select also 
different taste/astringency, different time of harvesting and different 
growth of tree. This will be not too difficult, because the trees are 
varying very much.  Some fruits  are like peas  and some like  little  
pears or apples.  We can give you  - as Clive promised to you - any 
scions (also other trees) and if you need, I could give you also very 
small one year old bare root grafts. From most selections. If you need 
special varieties I could graft them additionally this season for you.



Lon J. Rombough schrieb:
> I have a row of Sorbus domestica seedlings started from seed collected 
> from some of the trees at Luther Burbank's plantings in Sebastopol, 
> California. Mine are extremely astringent, but any bump or bruise 
> triggers something in the fruit that gets rid of the astringency very 
> quickly. A bruised fruit becomes edible within a few hours, though the 
> flavor keeps changing if it sits for a full day or more.
> I once discussed this tree with the late Larry McGraw of Sheep Rock, 
> Oregon who had a number of old seedlings. Larry was the most avid 
> fruit explorer I've ever met. He said the wood is hard enough to dull 
> an ax very quickly, and he could only grow the trees from seed. He had 
> never been able to graft them successfully. That fits with what I have 
> experienced. I would be interested to know how they are propagated in 
> Germany.
> =Lon Rombough
> Grapes, writing, consulting, my book, *The Grape Grower, *at 
> http://www.bunchgrapes.com Winner of the Garden Writers Association 
> "Best Talent in Writing" award for 2003.
> On Jan 5, 2007, at 2:46 PM, Hans Brinkmann wrote:
> Hallo Matt,
> in general all the Aronia x Sorbus x Hybrids are 2 to 5m tall.
> All berries looking more like Sorbus berries, but each have different 
> size,
> color, juice and taste.
> Edible Sorbus aucuparia like e.g. Konzentra or Rossina or Klosterneuburg
> are important e.g for marmalade production in Europe since a long time.
> Aronia x Sorbus hybrids fruits are at http://www.biotaimi.fi/
> Then go to Pihlaja and finally to Pihlaja kasvatus-ja hoito - ohje
> Information after clicking the first Pihlaja photo.
> Nice page about Shipova : http://www.ars-grin.gov/cor/cool/sorbo.html
> Do you know Sorbus domestica? It has 2 - 3 cm apple- or pear-shape 
> fruits.
> Some old trees in Germany have logs of more than 1 m in diameter.
> The wood is one of the most highly priced wood in Germany.
> Fruits are a must for the apple-wine-production.
> We have some cultivars in Germany.
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