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Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Tue Jan 2 19:53:11 EST 2007

It was written;

It's interesting that you mention black currants, because I didn't plant 
any of those (except for the native species, the clove or buffalo 
currant) due to the almost universal description that they would not 
appeal to "American tastes." When it comes to food, I eat - and I enjoy 
- just about anything, but there's no sense in planting fruit that's not 
especially tasty when there's so much fruit that IS.


I have a Red Lake (red currant) in my backyard.  If you are familiar with
Skittles candy you get an idea of taste.

I pointed them out to two boys who were "hungry!" and wanted candy, telling
them they tasted like Skittles.  They ate their fill and enjoyed them.  One
was a Canadian boy, the other an American boy.

Add a little sugar whether by juice, pastry, or bread and they are very good
in many forms.  If you like a cranberry muffin, you will like a red currant

You will find Crandall, Clove, and Buffalo currant similar in taste to red
currants.  These varieties do not have the "spiciness" of true black

You can buy black currant flavored tea bags in most large markets.  If you
want to experience the spiciness of black currants you will find it in these


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