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Another interesting Washington State University paper is Aronia berries:
What's their potential?  (see
Also, a newsletter of Oregon State University's North Williamette
Research and Education Center reported:
*	Cultivar evaluation: Evaluated Aronia melanocarpa ( 'Albigowa',
'Darbrowice', 'Egerta', 'Kutno', 'Nero', and 'Nowa Wies') planted in
1997.  Yield in 1999 ranged from 4.4 to 12.4 kg/plant with 'Nero' having
highest yield.  Plants were pruned for the first time in winter 2000/01.
In 2001, 'Nero' produced the highest yield (24.1 kg/plant ) and 'Egerta'
the lowest (13.1 kg/plant ).  Berries were 2.0 to 2.8 g. Strik, Finn,
and Wrolstad.  200_.  Performance of Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) in
Oregon, USA. Acta Hort. (in press).  [The abstract for this Acta Horta
article is at
An interesting slide from a SARE presentation is at
Also see the section on Aronia, Chokeberry in the Purdue document at
http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/proceedings1999/pdf/v4-324.pdf .

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Here's the U of NE publication: 
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On Jan 2, 2007, at 10:38 AM, TIM INMAN wrote: 

The University of Nebraska Extension was a co-sponsor of the Aronia
(chokeberry) presentation I mentioned previously, which was done by Dr.
Everhart last fall.  They have terrific handouts/information regarding
Aronia (chokeberry).  If you haven't tried, maybe the Univ of Ne's
Backyard Farmer site might have info on Aronia.  (And for everybody
else, the Univ of Nebraska produces a program called Backyard Farmer
which is a tremendous resource.  They say it's the oldest continuous
show on TV.  Google Backyard Farmer for links.)  I think you can access
Dr Everhart by going through the Iowa State University Extension site.
I hesitate to put his email up here without his OK.  He is very
knowledgeable regarding Aronia husbandry.  Breeding/site
selection/habits/propagation/commercial uses, etc.  He's encouraging
Aronia cultivation as a commercial crop in SW Iowa - where the climate
is anything but soggy, and often is very harsh temp and wind wise.  
Hope it helps.  We're trying some this spring here at Oak Dale Farm. 
Tim Inman 
Cold Zone 4, Hot Zone 7 
Randolph, Iowa_______________________________________________ 
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