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Tue Jan 2 13:38:30 EST 2007


The University of Nebraska Extension was a co-sponsor of the Aronia (chokeberry) presentation I mentioned previously, which was done by Dr. Everhart last fall.  They have terrific handouts/information regarding Aronia (chokeberry).  If you haven't tried, maybe the Univ of Ne's Backyard Farmer site might have info on Aronia.  (And for everybody else, the Univ of Nebraska produces a program called Backyard Farmer which is a tremendous resource.  They say it's the oldest continuous show on TV.  Google Backyard Farmer for links.)  I think you can access Dr Everhart by going through the Iowa State University Extension site.  I hesitate to put his email up here without his OK.  He is very knowledgeable regarding Aronia husbandry.  Breeding/site selection/habits/propagation/commercial uses, etc.  He's encouraging Aronia cultivation as a commercial crop in SW Iowa - where the climate is anything but soggy, and often is very harsh temp and wind wise.  

Hope it helps.  We're trying some this spring here at Oak Dale Farm.

Tim Inman
Cold Zone 4, Hot Zone 7
Randolph, Iowa
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