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Dennis Norton dmnorton at royaloakfarmorchard.com
Mon Jan 1 14:34:24 EST 2007

Honeycrisp have actually been around for about 10 years now, but have only 
reached popularity in the past 3 to 4 years in northern Illinois.  Here at 
Royal Oak Farm we have been taking our Red Delicious and replacing with 
Honeycrips and have over 1,000 trees that are at 3rd and 4th leaf.  We have 
never been able to meet the demand for them and don't charge as much as most 
places.  This past season, other growers were asking around $35 - $37 per 
bushel wholesale.  I had customers tell me they paid as high as $120 per 
bushel retail!  I can't justify that kind of price for a Honeycrisp.  Our 
Jonagored (Stark Bros. Jonagold) and our Senshu (Toko & Fuji cultivar) have 
been blind taste tested with honeycrisp and folks could not tell which one 
was honeycrisp!  We have been charging around $75 per bushel for our 
honeycrisp and will probably stay in that range this 2007 season.  This 
coming spring we have another 500 honeycrisp planned for planting.  We'll 
keep planting more trees to keep up with demand instead of raising prices to 
a ridicules level!

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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  Hello Doreen, Spidra, Bob, and everyone.

  Thanks for the callback. I will try a couple Pixies, in spite of the zone 
5 rating they usually get; sometimes this is conservative....it happens

  Honeycrisp also stopped me in my tracks at the store, Spidra. Beautiful ! 
I agree 100%. Who knows where they were from?
  They were shockers. Then, on a couple of occasions, I've seen a couple of 
bins of what I thought were big ugly-duckling Mac culls, that turned out to 
be Honeycrisps. Really strange. It may have to do with trace minerals in the 
soil, or something like that according to a Cornell paper I was reading. I 
will be watching the growers in my area to learn more about this. It might 
turn out to be an easy fix. They are one of the nicest tasting / pleasing to 
eat apples I've ever had, and there is a bag of them in my fridge....even at 
the higher price.

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