[NAFEX] Cooking with (colorless) honey

Lisa Almarode lisaalmarode at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 1 12:50:42 EST 2007

Interesting that the nectar source matters in crystalization - my last
year's honey was light colored and didn't crystalize, this years is
darker and has crystalized already.

We used (light) honey and pomona's pectin to make a strawberry jam 
last year. It was fine; not too sweet, a nice hint of honey flavor, 
lovely color.  (I don't especially like the texture of pomona's pectin 
jams, they are a little pasty).  But over the winter it lost all the 
red color and turned an unappetizing grey-brown.  The regular pectin 
and sugar strawberry jam (we make lots of that) keeps its red color 
just fine; it's a lot sweeter since you have to use all the sugar.

> My FIL's favorite honey is buckwheat honey because of it's strong
> flavor and it's tendency to crystallize.
> I agree completely.  Honey is very nice, but it has such a strong
> flavor that I would think it would overwhelm the fruit in a jam.  And
> it's "softer' than sugar, so I'd guess your jam would need to be a
> lot sweeter to jell, unless you are using agar or the like.

Happy New Year everyone!

Lisa in Ashland Oregon
USDA Z7 - Sunset Z7 - 1800' - 19" annual rainfall

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