[NAFEX] spinosad as sole insecticide

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Tue Feb 27 12:21:43 EST 2007

We do not usually use Spinosad (Spintor) here at Royal Oak Farm because it 
does not provide adequate protection from certain other pests such as CM 
(codling moth), PC(plum curculio), OFM (oriental fruit moth) and other minor 
pests.  It does provide protection for LM (leaf miners) and LR (leaf 
rollers) on apples and GBM (grape berry moth) on grapes and can work as part 
of an overall program.  I would not use it or any other pesticide as sole 
protection for a spraying program.  You have to be concerned with resistance 
buildup among your pests if that chemical is used all season long.  It is 
much better to rotate your chemicals with each spray if possible and do as 
few sprays as possible using a chemical that has broader protection (effects 
as many pests as possible) than to spray for each individual pest. I would 
recommend purchasing a copy of the Michigan Fruit Management Guide for 2007. 
It is one of the best available and can be adapted for most states.  It is 
available as a free download (4M) at 
http://web1.msue.msu.edu/pestpubs/E154/.  It has the best pest guide charts 
available for several fruits as well as cross reference tables for the 
effectiveness of products on certain pests.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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> Has anyone here had experience using spinosad as the sole insecticide 
> (along with fungicides) in a spraying program for apples, peaches or 
> grapes? If so, how pleased were you with the results, especially compared 
> to those with other insecticides such as malathion?
> Alan Stein
> Pittsburgh, PA
> zone 6
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