[NAFEX] Winter Hardy Orange

nottke1 nottke1 at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 26 20:30:08 EST 2007

I have a few hundred Hardy Orange (Poncirus trifoliata) thanks to a previous owner who did not keep them bush-hogged out of a cattle pasture.  I have eliminated about half of them so far.
Per some discussions on this site a couple years ago, I harvested ripe fruit in September from many of the trees, looking for ones with fewer seeds and less bitter pulp.  There was very little difference between all the fruit I tested.  It is intensely flavored, but makes good lemonade (1 tbsp juice to a cup of sugar and a cup of water).  I made some good marmalade from the peel and juice, but I have not bothered to repeat it.
The peel contains a sticky white sap until the fruit is dead ripe.
Cut branches and trunks, after drying for a week, are so high in oil content, they burn as if they had been soaked in gasoline!

>3) Oranges - Ponicirus trifoliata is listed as having fruit that is 
>inedible (bitter, I assume) or lemon-like. What are people's experiences 
>out there? Is it worth growing as a lemon substitute? Does the fruit 
>mature in sone 5? Does anyone have experience with any of the other 
>winter-hardy hybrids out there?

Jim Nottke
Zone 7a
west of Winston-Salem

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