[NAFEX] Winter Hardy Tropicals

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I thought, too, of Pawpaws, as well as Maypop, to add to this list.

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First of all, you're missing PawPaw, which is a tropical plant in every 
respect.  Except it is rock hardy and matures its mango-like fruits in all
sorts of 
zone 5 climates.  Why not grow it, that really does grow tropical fruits in 

The NAFEX person to ask about bamboo is Rick Valley of Oregon.  

I've seen a banana growing in Arlington, MA, contact me if you want the 
grower's phone # or email.  

I believe the owner of Oregon Exotics told me Ponicirus trifoliata is the 
ONLY citrus of any description that is truly deciduous -meaning its smart
to drop its leaves when fall comes - can anyone contradict that?  Grapefruit

are 69 cents this week at my grocery store.  The best houseplant I ever had
a calamondin orange, I bartered for it when it was 10 yrs old, and then I 
owned it for another approx. 15 years before it died.  It required 2 qts of
every day or a gallon every day.   It had a windowsill of its own with best 
sun exposure but bloomed and bore its heart out, and I sometimes feel like 
getting another.   It was far better than any lemon for flavoring, like as a

topping on broccoli.  

Let us know what you find out about bamboo and fruits from banana and palm
Charlie Paradise

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