[NAFEX] Purple or black tomatoes (slightly off topic)

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I grew Cherokee Purple for a few years.  Never had a problem with  
cracking but I always thought it had a kind of off flavor & never  
found a lot of uses for it.


On Feb 20, 2007, at 9:29 AM, Brungardt, Sam wrote:

> Donna, thanks so much for your kind offer.  If you have some black  
> or purple tomato seed that you no longer want, I'd be happy to take  
> it.  It doesn't have to have the greatest germination rate; all I  
> need is a few plants of each.   My address is: Sam Brungardt, 739  
> Como Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55103-1402.  Is there any type of flour  
> or vegetable that you'd like to try?  Perhaps I have some seed that  
> you could use. -- Sam
> I've read that Cherokee Purple cracks very badly when soil moisture  
> is inconsistent and this can lead to a lot of on-plant loss as well  
> as poor storability.  Many people have said that Black Krim  
> (Crimea) is a good cultivar.
> At any rate, for me it may be getting past the color barrier; I  
> have yet to see a purple or black tomato that I thought was  
> pretty.  However, I've heard that black or purple tomatoes are  
> particularly flavorful in more southerly areas, where warm  
> temperatures encourage some of the more unusual flavor components  
> to develop.
> Thanks again for your offer, Donna.  I appreciate it. -- Sam
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> I did a careful search through SSE tomato listings and noted that  
> most people who rave over black tomatoes live up north.  I think  
> that the darker color warms the fruit enough to get some enzyme  
> action that you'd normally only find in southern grown fruit.  I'm  
> curious about the opinions of others on this.  I have not been  
> particularly impressed by black tomatoes myself, and they tend to  
> sunburn here.  If you want, Sam, I can send you all my old seeds.   
> Can't guarantee that any particular variety will grow, but some  
> certainly will.  I have:
> Black Plum
> Black Tomato
> Black Cherry (that was pretty nice)
> Cherokee Purple (the potato leaf one does pretty well for me, and  
> it is good)
> Prudens Purple (only good when dead ripe)
> probably some others when I dig through my seeds in March.       
> Donna Z6 TN
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