[NAFEX] Purple or black tomatoes (slightly off topic)

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Donna, thanks so much for your kind offer.  If you have some black or
purple tomato seed that you no longer want, I'd be happy to take it.  It
doesn't have to have the greatest germination rate; all I need is a few
plants of each.   My address is: Sam Brungardt, 739 Como Ave., Saint
Paul, MN 55103-1402.  Is there any type of flour or vegetable that you'd
like to try?  Perhaps I have some seed that you could use. -- Sam
I've read that Cherokee Purple cracks very badly when soil moisture is
inconsistent and this can lead to a lot of on-plant loss as well as poor
storability.  Many people have said that Black Krim (Crimea) is a good
At any rate, for me it may be getting past the color barrier; I have yet
to see a purple or black tomato that I thought was pretty.  However,
I've heard that black or purple tomatoes are particularly flavorful in
more southerly areas, where warm temperatures encourage some of the more
unusual flavor components to develop.
Thanks again for your offer, Donna.  I appreciate it. -- Sam
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I did a careful search through SSE tomato listings and noted that most
people who rave over black tomatoes live up north.  I think that the
darker color warms the fruit enough to get some enzyme action that you'd
normally only find in southern grown fruit.  I'm curious about the
opinions of others on this.  I have not been particularly impressed by
black tomatoes myself, and they tend to sunburn here.  If you want, Sam,
I can send you all my old seeds.  Can't guarantee that any particular
variety will grow, but some certainly will.  I have:
Black Plum
Black Tomato
Black Cherry (that was pretty nice)
Cherokee Purple (the potato leaf one does pretty well for me, and it is
Prudens Purple (only good when dead ripe)
probably some others when I dig through my seeds in March.      Donna Z6
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