[NAFEX] splicing tape for grafting (how to)

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 18:18:36 EST 2007

I was reminded to add a "how to" for using the grafting tape I've mentioned
previously.  "Rubber electrician's splicing tape" or "splicing tape, self-fusing". 
It would work for split-&-wedge grafts, or saddle grafts, but I use it for splice
grafts.  No relation; I just much prefer making the 2 long sloping cuts (one on the
scion, one on the stock) than to risk cutting myself via the other graft methods.

Cut a bit of the splicing tape off the roll.  About 2 inches for thinner scion or
shorter cuts, about 3 inches for thicker scion or longer cuts.  Peel off the plastic
layer.  Stretch the rubber strip, then wrap the graft.  

Practice some on expendable sticks. You soon get a feel for how much to stretch the
rubber, how easily it sticks to itself, how thin a scion its practical to use, etc.

Wishing best of luck to all grafters, no matter what your method. 

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