[NAFEX] ? Baldwin & Minn 447 Zone 6 Idaho

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I grow MN447 in SW WI and find that it is one of my finest apples--magnificently flavored, pest and disease resistant and a pretty good grower (it's a bit broomy).  It is still crisp in storage in mid February.  I get somewhere between 5 and 15 >90F days in a summer but very rarely reach 100F.

The single major flaw I've noticed is a tendency to form small star-shaped cracks around the stem.  I'm told that this is due to uneven water supply and plan to mulch and water my tree more this summer.  The cracks do dry and seal over (I'd use the word callus but that means something else to us apple grafters) but the cracking is probably a fatal flaw for commercial use of the variety.  The apples that have cracks shrivel more in storage and if rot sets in it's around the stem.  I suspect that you'd want to plant the tree in a soil that retains even moisture to help prevent or at least minimize the cracking flaw.  My soil here is alkaline sand--prickly pears abound on the prairies and sand dunes here.

I've heard that the University of MN is thinking of naming 447, but I don't know if it's true.  Perhaps if they named it 'Christmas Star' it would create a marketing niche and an explanation for the cracking in one fell swoop.  You may, of course, have all the budwood you want.  Contact me off list.

Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI Zone 3/4

PS:  Ginda--I've got your Wickson scions cut and in the fridge (cut before our last cold spell to -25F or so).  Is there any time that I should not mail them to you? Perhaps you are heading off to Bermuda?  loneroc at mwt.net

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  I am interested in planting Baldwin and Minnesota 447 in Payette Idaho.  We are on the warm end of Zone 6.  We have cold enough winters but summer temps go above 100.  I have Keepsake, a child of Minn 447, and it does well here.  Cox and Kaminj de Sonnaville did poorly.  


  Does anyone have experience with Baldwin or Minn 447 in a slightly warmer area? Crispness?  Flavor?



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