[NAFEX] ? Baldwin & Minn 447 Zone 6 Idaho

Naomi dragon-star at cableone.net
Fri Feb 16 20:40:06 EST 2007

Thank you.  It is not the frost /cold tenderness I worry about.  I have had
a Cox for 15 years.  One year it bore well.  The rest of the time it
produced poor fruit.  Ed Fackler said that Cox does not like hot weather.
He said the same on the Karminj.  That is my concern. Will Baldwin and MN
447 taste good in my area because of the summertime 100 degrees?

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Naomi, in the 1934 test winter a lot of Baldwins were killed in the East, 
but I think they were mostly in zone 5. I would expect that in the
warmer part of zone 6 you should be safe.

I understand that that Baldwin is a triploid, and tends to be biennial.
Care in pruning and thinning should help deal with the latter.

In the 1980s I found an old, uncared-for tree of Baldwin in St. 
Catharines (we are near the northern limit of commercial peach growing,
in Agriculture Canada zone 7a). The fruit was quite pleasant.
>From the old books, the fruit quality was a notch below "best" but
still very good if reasonably well grown.

Cox has a reputation for cold tenderness. There was a grower in
Prince Edward County (juts into Lake Ontario from the north shore
Agriculture Canada zone 6a), southeast end, who had Cox and lost
half his trees in the test winter of 1980-81.

I have no experience with Minnesota 447. It should be cold-hardy; 
it apparently grows in the south of the Canadian prairie provinces.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

On Fri, 16 Feb 2007, Naomi wrote:

> I am interested in planting Baldwin and Minnesota 447 in Payette Idaho.
> are on the warm end of Zone 6.  We have cold enough winters but summer
> go above 100.  I have Keepsake, a child of Minn 447, and it does well
> Cox and Kaminj de Sonnaville did poorly.
> Does anyone have experience with Baldwin or Minn 447 in a slightly warmer
> area? Crispness?  Flavor?
> Naomi
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