[NAFEX] Cerny Jerab is already identified!

Hans Brinkmann hans-brinkmann at t-online.de
Fri Feb 16 17:49:48 EST 2007

Hallo Jim Fruth,

the story is over! Finished! Cerny Jerab is identified!
You are not up-to-date at all!
Yesterday, your calculation of a "Robin-family" eating black raspberry 
for 600 US$ per season and your
prognosticated  "explosion in the bird population" just bored me and 
most other readers ignored it probably.
But to repeat, today again, your wrong yesterday statement: *Sorbus 
melanocarpa is a Mountain Ash*, is leaving only one conclusion:
Instead of supporting, you just want to confuse others...

Sorry, but I have been many times at Czechoslovakia because - you will 
again not believe - it is a neighbor county of Germany.
Cerny means: DARK.
Jerab means SORBUS
My link http://fyzika.ft.utb.cz/podzamka/karta.php?id=191
Is showing a little beautiful "tree" of Cerny Jerab with the synonym:
Temnoplodec cernoplody means: Aronia dark-fruited
Temno means: DARKISH; plodec means FRUIT
cerno means:  DARK; plody means: FRUIT
*Sorbus melanocarpa means SORBUS with DARK FRUITS; as an synonym  for 
Aronia melanocarpa.*

"Undeniably" your attempt to make Aronia to a Mountain ash is complete 
As you explained with your "cat-example" your knowledge about ecology is 
limited and your knowledge about
the Latin-naming-procedure (which could be really confusing) is probably 
limited too.
Please do not bore me anymore with your dilettante attempts to cover this!

Bye, bye
Hans          Germany


Jim Fruth schrieb:
> Hans,
>     Can you read Czech?  Perhaps you should find a translator before you 
> continue in this thread.  You should have read the link you sent (at bottom 
> of this message).  Your link is for Temnoplodec cernoplody, not Cerny jerab. 
> Go to this link, which IS for Cerny jerab
> http://www.001shop.cz/Cerny-jerab , then compare the picture on your link 
> with the picture on this link, undeniably Mountain Ash, Sorbus melanocarpa.
> Jim Fruth
> Brambleberry Farm
> Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
> www.bberryfarm.com
> (218)568-8483 [Store]
> (218)831-7018 [My Cell]
> Hallo Jim Fruth,
> thank you for your e-mail!
> It is a bush - indeed, but sometimes not!
> If planted outside USA...
> Only in this case we both have to trust 100%ly the name Cerny Jerab.
> This is only Aronia melanocarpa.
> Look at this page with a "tree-photo":
> http://fyzika.ft.utb.cz/podzamka/karta.php?id=191
> I think your plant has been much more known outside USA.
> Approx. 1900 Michurin imported seeds (from Germany!) to Russia.
> 1971 Siberia has had already 4.000 ha (1 ha = 10.000m?) of Arionia
> production.
> Many East-Europe and North-Europe countries are producing Aronia at
> plantations.
> E.g. at GDR it has been the custom to graft aronia onto 1m Sorbus
> aucuparia rootsstock.
> Ciao
> hans
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