[NAFEX] South Carolina budding orchardist

derry&bill wchase at interchange.ubc.ca
Mon Feb 12 12:35:20 EST 2007

I've just received an email from a fellow in South Carolina

"I am interested in some of the varieties that you have listed that I 
cannot find listed in the 'Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory'.  I am 
primarily interested in the more flavorful, sweet varieties of apple.
I am in the South Carolina foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The 
land where I am establishing an orchard is in the SW Virginia mountains, 
USDA Zone 6A-B".

If there is anybody in his area or even closer than me (south coastal 
BC), please contact me at <wchase at interchange.ubc.ca> and if you are 
willing to help him, I'll forward your address to him.

He is looking for scionwood so even those who have apple trees in Oregon 
might be interested in helping him. I'm thinking of the HOS.

I've told him about Nafex and suggested he join.


Derry Walsh

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