[NAFEX] Squirrels

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Sat Feb 10 21:54:21 EST 2007

>     I keep hearing about people with squirrel problems and wonder why they put up with the dastardly critters.  I used to tickle their behinds with my B-B gun and that worked really good.

Unfortunately, I live in town, where it's illegal to shoot a B-B gun for 
any reason. No pets, either, but I wouldn't want them running loose in 
any case. Traffic is pretty deadly on squirrels, but any empty places 
are quickly filled from surrounding areas.

Rabbits are easy to fence off from my garden, and from trees and bushes 
in the winter, but squirrels are a real pain. And they learn fast. I 
must admit, I like to watch them, but they can be maddening.


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. - Carl Sagan

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