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I suspect that keeping the urine fresh is important.  I use quart plastic milk jugs, leave the cap on and ccut two holes on opposite sides about 4 inches from the bottom.  This keeps the urine from dilution by rain and I use a jug to refill (no telling who might be passing by!).  Worked pretty well so far.  set them on the ground to protect raspberry shoots, and cut the handle so as to hang them on a trellis or branches, orlow fence if they're browing higher.  Hector Black, zone 6.  (plus it's a great source of N.)
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  I have tried everything for deer:  1) Fence with a dog inside.  Dog was too lazy. 2) Hanging Irish Spring soap from apple tree branches.  Deer ignored it.  3)  Human urine.  I got tired of going outside. 4)8 Ft hight mesh designed for deer.  Deer jumped it. 5) electric fence with peanut butter--it worked!  And it continues to work.  And after about 4 weeks, if one gets in--I putout more peanut butter and they stay away.  If I leave the gate open, the turkeys walk right in and help themselves to my strawberries and apples.  They are not dumb.  But the electric fence idea with peanut butter on it works so they get a shock when they take a lick-- works like a charm and it's the only thing that does.  Jerry in southern Indiana. 


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