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Wed Feb 7 19:34:36 EST 2007

   I may have a few seeds of Amelanchier stolonifera to share this summer. Drop me an email in early june to remind me. Back in the late 80s I was attending a botanical conference in southern ME. For one of the field trips we went to the Kennebunk Plains. At the time the land was in private ownership. It  was a lowbush blueberry production. Besides that there were several rare plants growing in this hot sandy plane. One being Liatris borealis. Northern blazing star. Acres and acres of the lavender wanded plant. It was beautiful. Also growing there were Amelanchier stolonifera. I was always amazed at the berry quality. Even though normally you cant trust the species name on any Amelanchier this one you can. On that trip was one of the leading authorities on The taxonomy of the genus. Chris Campell.  At the time I didnt collect any seeds.
   Fast forward 15 years. I was back in the area and made a special trip to collect seeds and cuttings.  The one surviving cutting started bearing fruit last year. The seedlings still have a few years to go.
   The land is now in The Nature Conservancys hands. They do perscribed burns so the bushes only reach about 2 feet but I have seen them up to six or seven feet.
   As for Zanthoxylem, I am rather fond of the plant.Being in the citrus family, It is one of the few plants in our area that is host to the larva of the giant swallow tail. Its not so invasive in our heavy clay,plus its rather rare. I have used the seed coverings as you would use sichaun peppercorns, its asian cousin.

Southern  Ohio

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