[NAFEX] Huge order of Walnut trees

Hans Brinkmann hans-brinkmann at t-online.de
Mon Feb 5 19:14:17 EST 2007

Hallo Rob + Lucky,
at Europe, Forestry nurseries are selling mostly ( but not for 
landscaping) trees from very special certified provenance.
Forestry departments and Forest owners do not buy trees without special 
Those provenances are proved and certified and sometimes very small 
areas. Each has an own number.
E.g. at the EU we can buy also many trees from different USA provenances.
Unfortunately all our available Juglans provenances are Not from USA.
But we try e.g. nice J. regia from Himalaya.

Sometimes Forestry departments are using also only seed nuts, because of 
lower costs and nice natural competition.
Only the best will survive.
More and more they just leave some best Mother-trees, which are doing 
even the seed production and the
sowing is done by animals or the wind only.
There is a significant change in forestry - last not least - due to the 
change of weather.
Some forestry trees are not sufficient strong anymore, for the more arid 
and more windy and the more polluted
weather conditions. I am sure you have already the same problems in some 
areas at the USA.


Lucky Pittman schrieb:
> At 11:29 AM 2/5/2007, you wrote:
>> A friend of mine is looking for a nursery that could supply 5,000 
>> walnut trees on government contract.  Does anyone know  any place 
>> that could handle such a  quantity?
> Lawyer Nursery, Musser Forest, Cascade Forestry Nursery, among others.
> Possibly, your(his/her) own state division of Forestry may have 
> sufficient nursery reserves to meet that number; if not, you could 
> contact state forestry nurseries in adjoining states.
> Provenance could be important, and I'd sure hate to plant 5000 trees, 
> even if they only cost 75 cents each, if they weren't going to be 
> adapted/adaptable to my climate and soil type.
> For that large a planting, I'd sure want to go with a seedsource from 
> my general area, though timber quality of black walnut trees out of 
> KY & MO is typically better than those from more southerly regions.
> LLP 
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