[NAFEX] Favorite nurseries?

Mark & Helen Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Mon Feb 5 15:45:42 EST 2007

For fairly small orders, I've had good luck with the following, (see comments).  If you google them, most have websites.

Vanwell nursery-(Washington?)Has a website but can't order on-line- Good stock, big trees.  Cheapest prices I've found.  This year they're selling trees for $16.00 including shipping.  

Burnt Ridge (Washington)- Owner Michael Dolan.  Good prices on trees reasonable shipping.

Johnson nursery- (Georgia)-Good prices on trees reasonable shipping.

Greenmantle (California)- Owner Ram Fishman-Very helpful and good prices/shipping.  A lot of apple varieties.  Past Nafex president. 

Edible Landscaping (Virgina)-Owner Michael McKonkey(sp?)-Container ships live plants-  Prices good but shipping high because of containers.  Bought one peach tree from him.  Died and he replaced at no charge.  Replacement died.  Didn't ask him to replace a second time.  I was partially culpable for the demise of both trees.  One I planted on an overcast day, but didn't shade it.  It got a nice tan.  I learned greenhouse grown trees don't like that.  The leaves wilted and died.  I dug it up in winter and found a large gall on the roots containing a happy large borer, which I promptly halved.  The gall and borer were too large for it to have happened after arrival, but Michael replaced the tree.  Got the dormant replacement in winter.  Removed it from the container to check the roots and there was another peach tree borer on the roots.  Planted it (without the borer) but it turned very cold right away.  Didn't make it.  Since there wasn't much root damage, I'm pretty sure it was the cold that killed the tree vs. the borer.  Although it didn't work out, I thought it was awfully nice of him to replace the first tree even though I was partially to blame.  Michael McKonkey has been involved in Nafex. 

Many years ago I ordered from Stark bros (Missouri) and I received the trees as represented.  However I think they are under new management since then, but you might check them out.  I think they hosted the Nafex annual meeting year before last.

Hilltop Nursery-  Never ordered from them, but I've heard a lot of good things.  However, they no longer retail trees to small customers.  Minimum 30 tree order.

Those are some of my experiences.

I agree with Michele.  Dave's garden is a good source for reviews.

Mark Angermayer
Zone 5 Kansas

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  I am interested in which nurseries folks have used for purchasing fruit trees.  I've had fairly good experiences with Raintree and St. Lawrence, but am interested in finding other sources that carry more varieties.  Thanks.



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