[NAFEX] Aronia Jelly

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sat Feb 3 09:43:50 EST 2007

    When we make Aronia jelly, we make Aronia jelly, not Aronia mixed with 
something else.  And we get rave reviews about it from our customers.  Why 
would anyone want to dilute it with anything else?

Jim Fruth
Brambleberry Farm
Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
(218)568-8483 [Store]
(218)831-7018 [My Cell]

Question for Jim and others:
When you make Aronia jelly, do you use the juice singly or blended with
apple juice or other juices?
Do you make it like you would for crabapple jelly?
Michele Stanton

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