[NAFEX] Bardsley apple

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 06:38:55 EST 2007

"While the story/ad sounds like hype, there are some things not
mentioned that really could make the Bardsey apple unusual.  First, is
the old tree a seedling or was it asexually propagated?  I say it that
way because it wasn't that rare to layer an apple tree, or even start
it from root cuttings of a seedling, in addition to the possibility of
being grafted.  That one tree could have been a lone survivor of a
group of them."
So what you're saying is that this is an important tree because it might
very well be an important tree if  we only had some more information.  How
can any important cultural history ever be tied to this tree if so little is
known about it?  Why should it be important until that information is
actually known?  It's not in a part of the world where people are exactly
starving for historical artifacts.

I'm sorry  if this sounds like quibbling and I realize that this is an
argument of no importance.  I just can't help myself, I love to quibble.
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