[NAFEX] was FEDCO now farm&garden

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Thu Dec 27 11:29:39 EST 2007


Yes, farmers know what they are doing, but their equipment is geared to huge
acreage, not garden plots.

Auto mechanics, plumbers, carpenters also all know what they are doing, but
often it is their own home that goes wanting for their own expertise.

After slinging a hammer or pipe all day the last thing many of them want to
do is go home for more of it.   How many office workers out there race home
to enjoy sitting down with bill payment and family budget with joy in their
hearts?  A farmer going home and getting off his tractor is no less likely
to pick up a shovel and dig up a garden plot and enjoy it.

Farming is hard work and most farmers rest when they can.  City folk and
suburbanites can hold any opinion they want though.  Though none of them
have ever milked cows at 5:00 AM and finally finished up their day on the
combine ending at 11:00 PM or later, the grain then has to be dried in huge
grain dryers so that it meets mill standards for moisture content.

I am sure you will see postings of how easy it is to earn 100% of your
income from the farm (no retail farm outlet involved), and still have loads
of spare time, but then the internet has all kinds of people making all
kinds of claims.

The truth is farming is hard work and time is at a premium.


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