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On Dec 27, 2007, at 8:06 AM, Thomas Olenio wrote:
> I know many farmers and the lack of family farm vegetable gardens 
> becomes obvious if you understand their motives and drives.  Farmers 
> are practical, pragmatic people and time is their most precious 
> commodity.  If it is more practical and inexpensive to buy vegetables 
> and fruit they will.  No good farmer worth his corn would spend $100 
> of his time to end up with $25 worth of produce.  The time invested in 
> a vegetable garden is much better spent on their cash crop.
> Farmers are pragmatic and practical to the bone.  The far greater 
> percentages of farmers are not hippies, tree huggers, or eco-zeolots 
> they are simply small business men who work with agriculture.  The law 
> of economics and pragmatism are their model.  Do not look for veggie 
> gardens but “efficiencies” on a well operated farm.
> Sure you will find those willing to spend $100 in time for $25 of 
> tangible results but they are not farmers, they are hobbyists’.
> Later,
> Tom

Most farmers around here have vegetable gardens, and many of them have 
fruit. Yes, these are real farmers, not hobbyists.

For one thing, I strongly suspect they get much more than $25 in 
tangible results for $100 in time, because they know what they're 
doing. For another, the quality produced in the home garden is often 
much greater than that available in the store. For a third, many see no 
sense in spending cash out of pocket for what they can easily and 
enjoyably do for themselves.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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