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Hey Jim,

I was going to recount one my (exclusively) positive FEDCO experiences, but
John has weighed in on his own behalf.

A couple of years ago I discovered (3 years after planting) that a FEDCO
item had been mislabeled (or misnamed).  I was sent another tree per my

In a horticultural world becoming ever more dominated by industrial
conglomerates I give FEDCO the first shot at my business if they have an
item I need and the shipping wouldn't prove wasteful.  I wish that there
were other companies out there that followed the co-op model.  Though I
don't always agree with FEDCO's ecopolitics I am happy that I have the
option to buy from an outfit that clearly supports the 'little guy'.  FEDCO
reminds me of the last (and nearly extinct) generation of farmers born
around 1900 who eagerly sought out crops that would diversify their acreage.
That agricultural curiosity is essentially gone from the average farmer
today other than a few weirdos like NAFEX members.

In a couple mile radius from me I can't think of a farm that still has a
vegetable garden of consequence, and only one old couple that keeps
chickens. The number of farmers who actually dabble in horticulture of any
sort is confined to a few ex-hippy back-to-the-land types.  The rest barely
even consider themselves to be farmers, sad to say--they are commodities

Keep up the good work John.

Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI USDA zone 3-4, with almost three feet of snow so
far this month.  Yippee!!!

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> Hello Jim Erdman,
> I'm sorry to hear you had a problem with two Evans Cherries you purchased
> from Fedco.  And especially that someone didn't get back to you.  Our
> is pretty easy.  If a plant does not meet your expectations during the
> growing season, we will send you a full refund or a replacement, no
> questions asked.  We prefer to give refunds because then you can reorder
> whatever you want from us or anyone else.  We do not require photos or
> tags or anything.  We do ask that customers contact us during that first
> year.   In your case, feel free to send me a personal email message and
> we'll send you a refund this winter.
> Re: grafting tape.  Tape that is made specifically for grafting is
> inexpensive.  We sell it by the single roll.  I imagine others do as well.
> We sell two types.  PVC tape is nasty for the environment but is tough and
> durable and excellent for topworking applications.  It must be removed at
> some point (generally after about one year).  Parafilm tape is not strong
> enough for topworking but is excellent for bench grafting.  It is stretchy
> and decomposes fairly rapidly in the nursery.  It generally does not need
> be removed.
> Regards,
> John Bunker
> Nursery Coordinator, Fedco
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