[NAFEX] Weird potted citrus problem

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Wed Dec 26 23:30:19 EST 2007

On Dec 26, 2007, at 9:40 PM, Donna &/or Kieran wrote:

> Ginda,
>      Citrus don't take cold nearly as well when actively growing., 32
> degrees can kill them outright whereas they can normally take 28 or  
> even
> down to around 25 when completely dormant.   When we were in  
> Florida for the
> Dec 89 freeze, my parents trees lost their leaves, but we didn't  
> notice the
> cracks in the bark till a few weeks later.  The next thing that  
> happened was
> that the new growth coming out died, and so they cut back the  
> branches, and
> more died so they cut back more.  If that starts happening, you  
> might do
> just as well to pick a point to cut it down to.  I'm sure the roots  
> are fine
> so if you have to do this, it will come back out but probably won't  
> bloom
> this year. . .

Ouch!  I hope that doesn't happen.  It's a meyers lemon grafted onto  
trifoliate orange, so if I cut it back to the root, I've lost it.  It  
died back a lot when I first brought it indoors, and now seems to be  
growing again, so perhaps there's hope.


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