[NAFEX] Weird potted citrus problem

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Wed Dec 26 21:40:38 EST 2007

     Citrus don't take cold nearly as well when actively growing., 32 
degrees can kill them outright whereas they can normally take 28 or even 
down to around 25 when completely dormant.   When we were in Florida for the 
Dec 89 freeze, my parents trees lost their leaves, but we didn't notice the 
cracks in the bark till a few weeks later.  The next thing that happened was 
that the new growth coming out died, and so they cut back the branches, and 
more died so they cut back more.  If that starts happening, you might do 
just as well to pick a point to cut it down to.  I'm sure the roots are fine 
so if you have to do this, it will come back out but probably won't bloom 
this year.  Sounds like it'll do fine though.  In future, be sure to 
consider whether your citrus are quiet and have had some chilly weather, or 
are actively growing when frosts approach.
    I'll give you an example of what hardening off can do.  During the 
drought in the 80's we had had warm weather the entire autumn.  In early Dec 
we got not just our first frost, not just our first freeze, but a really 
massive cold front headed our way.  I didn't cover the kale, after all it 
had survived subzero temps before.  It only got down to 17 degrees that Dec 
night, and it killed the kale dead.  It was a lesson I have not forgotten! 

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