[NAFEX] nafex Graft w/ElecTape?

David.Maxwell at dal.ca David.Maxwell at dal.ca
Wed Dec 26 09:50:15 EST 2007

I have used black electrical tape for years, with no problems whatsoever. But I am in 
Nova Scotia, zone 5a, so we probably have less concern re. heat.   No problems 
with being too tight at the time of grafting, but will "indent" the stock if left 
indefinitely.  I graft in the Spring, and then slit the tape (just a single vertical cut 
through the tape, leaving the tape in place) in July or August.  The tape eventually 
falls off, but if you try to peel it off at the time, it may pull the bark off with it.

On 25 Dec 2007 at 18:05, oowonbs at netscape.net wrote:

> >Also, I have done limited grafting, so do not have grafting tape.  
> Could I
> wrap the wounds with the black electrical tape that I have heard 
> discussed on
> this forum?
>   Betsy
> Not too tight. Or, as it sticks to itself, 1 - several pieces of 
> "Saran/plastic wrap.
> Start lower down and work upward, to shed rain, as with shingles.
> BillSF9c
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