[NAFEX] Regulations shipping scionwood interstate

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Mark States:
I wish there was a simple/do-able policy for the little guy to share plant material.

If you'd like to find out your own state's policy go to:


Type your state in the search bar.


It takes an education they must think the nurseries have that we don't. 
What's changed is the science in the methods of propagation where 
cells are being divided in petri dishes at the wholsale nurseries. That 
way you have extra insurance that those "new to america" insects you 
see in that nationalplantboard link and new viruses won't ruin our 

All said, $1,200.00 is the current estimated costs, and the Elisia lab at 
WSU Prosser will probably test or clean one plant for you. They will 
even sell you a good deal on plum (p. tomentosa) seeds homozygously 
selected for visual indicators of viruses. I think every orchard should 
have some training in growing them. I love my fruit trees but 
unfortunately live near a former orchard and for little cost (other than
my own time) I know where the threats of PDV are in my section of

R. F. Hollaus
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