[NAFEX] siberian crab, royalty crab as rootstocks

Drevniok colleendaly at videotron.ca
Wed Dec 19 12:39:23 EST 2007


          It's hard in Canada (my part at least) to source rootstocks. 
However, I have found a source for
    Siberian Crab ( malus baccata) and Royalty Crab.

       [1] Siberian crab - my research indicates that this rootstock is 
extremely hardy  more so that Antonovka, - which is good because I will 
be planting
             the clones in a zone 3 - 4 area). However, I have read that 
there is "compatibility" issues with this rootstock -
             but no one ever says how serious this may be or what 
particular varieties will not work with m. baccata.
                Any information on m. baccata as a roostock , especially 
about the compatibility issue will be appreciated.

        [2] Royalty crab - how suitable is this rootock for grafting, 
especially for zone 3/4 planting?


                        Peter Drevniok
                        Gatineau, Quebec zone 5 and Wilno, Ontario zone 

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